12 Ways To Practice Positivity – Bring Loads of Sunshine in Your Life

Did you know there is a simple recipe for a happier life? It doesn’t involve a months of meditation in a Tibetan monastery, years of dedicated yoga or endless days of zipping herbal tea. You don’t have to do aroma therapy for it, no color therapy, no…even no crystal therapy.

Of course, if these things work for you that’s great, but my advice is, to look first of all for happiness in the obvious. You can find it with one simple word, positivity! You can create happiness with positivity. Just bring loads of sunshine in your life and it will do the trick.

12 ways to practice positivity

In my article ‘do you choose to be spring or fall?’, I explained extensively why a focus on positivity is so important for a happier life. I am not going to do that again here. This article is more practical and tells you how exactly you can create more positivity in your life.

What you might want to know is that the recipe for a happier life is the right balance between positive and negative experiences. For each negative experience, you need to have 3 positive experiences in order to create a healthy upwards flow in your life. Scientific research has proven this. I’ve experienced it.

It’s proven that positive experiences not only make you happy for a moment, but if you create a positivity ratio with at least 3:1, your life automatically moves to growth and blooming. With other words, to a happier and more fulfilling life.

So, if this is so simple, why doesn’t everyone find themselves in a upwards spiral. Because they don’t actively focus enough on positivity. Negative thoughts seem to have a lot more impact on us than positive and in order to reach your ratio, you need to make an effort. You need to consciously bring more positivity in your life and limit negativity.

Luckily we can all do this. It’s not that hard and it mostly involves some guidelines and determination. Now let’s agree that I provide you with the guidelines and that you will show your determination. If you want to live a happier life of course. Here are 12 ways to bring more positivity in your life.

1. Amplify your moments of positivity

In general we experience more positive events than negative. The thing is that we often don’t notice our positive experiences. We take them for granted. Negative experiences on the other hand are awarded with loads of attention. And here is it where we go wrong. Obviously it has to be the other way around. When you experience positive events, learn to recognize them. Focus on them and simply enjoy them for a little longer.

2. Find the positive in the negative

A coin has two sides. The good thing is that you can always flip a coin. When you experience a seemingly negative event, you can turn it around and make it positive. Or at least give it a positive glow. You can’t do anything about a situation itself, it is like it is. But you can do anything about your approach to it.

Let’s say you have a really annoying colleague. I hear that a lot lately. You can choose to be annoyed by that person, which is of course the negative approach. You can also see it as an opportunity to learn how to deal with people you don’t like. You can see it as an opportunity for personal growth and without that person, it wouldn’t have been possible.

3. Start a gratitude journal

Being grateful is a realization and an appreciation for the things you have in life. Of course you already knew this. Then you also know it’s a very powerful form of positivity. Once you focus on all the things you have with the feeling of gratitude, there is a big chance your ‘I-need-more’ thought pattern will become less frequent  or disappears. More room for the natural flow of happiness.

I started a gratitude journal which works very well for me. Just write down the things you’re grateful for a few times a week. Or maybe you prefer another ritual. A gratitude meditation for example. It doesn’t matter as long as you create room for gratitude in your life.


4. Enlarge your love for everyone and everything in the world

Loving anyone else reflects directly on you. When you can give love, you are love and love has a very powerful effect on us. There is no negativity in love. Don’t confuse it with being in love though, I am talking about a deeper love. Loving kindness. Love without expecting something in return. When you are able to love, your heart opens up so there is a way for happiness to enter.

5. Make fun with friends and family

Humans are social creatures. We wouldn’t survive without each other. We need each other for many things and one of the joyful things is that we can laugh and make fun together. It’s much more likely that your abs hurt from laughing when you spend a day with a friend than alone. So do fun stuff together, let yourself go and very important, don’t be too serious.

6. Do things that make you feel proud

Create something beautiful, finish things you promised yourself to do, challenge yourself and be victorious. Making yourself proud is a wonderful thing to do and will generate a lot of positivity. Have a make-yourself-proud-day for example and see how awesome you will feel at the end of the day.

7. Actively do things that you enjoy

Sounds pretty obvious right? But how much time do you actually spend on things you truly enjoy? Do you allow yourself enough time for it, or are you always too busy doing the things that needs to be done? Doing things you enjoy creates a lot of positivity so if I were you, I would do it as much as possible. There is always a way to make time.

8. Helps others without expecting anything back

There is no doubt, helping others makes you feel good about yourself. Especially when you don’t expect anything back. Only then it is a real act of kindness. It’s a win-win situation because everyone benefits. You can look at yourself in the mirror and think, that’s a cool person and the other person benefits from your help and gets an opportunity to be thankful. You can dedicate a whole day to helping others for example. Mark your calendar and just try it. See how much good it will do.

9. Have dreams for the future

Don’t live too often with your mind in the future but certainly do have dreams. It’s nice to know a direction. It’s nice to fantasize about desires, to have hope that a wish becomes reality. Otherwise you are just dwelling between a whole lot of possibilities. Clueless and in the worst case indifferent. That’s not how you want to end up.

So please have dreams. You’re allowed to have them. Create something that remind you of your dreams. A mood board, a collage or simply write them on a whiteboard. Put it on a place where you will see it often. Just make sure that dreams play a part in your life.

10. Practice awareness

Many people don’t live their actual lives but they live in the thought patterns of their mind. They are trapped in the addiction of compulsive thinking. They live in the past, in the future but they rarely experience the present.

Unfortunately we tend to find a lot of negativity in our thoughts about the past and the future. It’s in the past where we find regret and guild, it’s in the future where we find fear. In the present we won’t find these forms of negativity. Therefore it is important to focus on the present as much as possible so we are able to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

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11. Get close to nature

Nature has a positive effect on us. Although many of us are born in big, bustling concrete cities nowadays, we are all a child of the earth. And the earth is nature. So are we. Visit a forest from time to time, or a park or whatever expression of nature is close by. It will do you good.

12. Follow your true passions

Quite similar to having dreams is following your passions. But this one is more active. Always follow your passions. It’s a right that you have and there shouldn’t be an excuse not to do it. When you don’t do the things that you love, you’re going to end up unhappy.

You’re giving yourself reasons to complain, to feel sorry for yourself and to see the world as a bad place. But you’re living in a world of possibilities. In an inspiring and beautiful world with room for creation. So much is possible as long as you keep focused and move in the direction of your passions.

If the step seems to big and is holding you from doing this, take little steps. You can end up being the best version of you and if that won’t create a lot of positivity, I don’t know what will.

Well, I have given you multiple ways to create more positivity in your life. Now you can choose and try which ways work for you. I actively use them all and they have truly changed my life. On the following link you can measure your positivity ratio. Many days my ratio is 10:1. If it works for me it can work for you too. Good luck!

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