Create Positivity in Your Life! Give Yourself a Make-Yourself-Proud-Day.

What is the best feeling in life? I did not do a survey on it, but I can imagine people will say things like the feeling when they finally get to pee after holding it for a long time, an orgasm, or popping bubble wraps with their fingers. Personally I like the feeling when I come home, soaking wet after a heavy rain shower and I can change my wet clothes into sweatpants and a comfortable sweater. Or wearing new socks.

But let’s be fair, those feelings are only physical and quite shallow. They are also not really the best feelings I can have and probably neither yours. We are capable of having much deeper feelings. Feelings that touch us on a personal level. Feelings that drive us and shape us like we are. Positive and negative feelings.

Personally I try to avoid negative feelings as often as possible. It might not surprise you, positive feelings have a much better effect on your personal growth and level of happiness. Feelings can be triggered by external events but most of the times you create the feelings you experience by yourself. You can acually choose to feel positive!

There are many ways to create positive feelings and one of them is by making yourself feel proud. Being proud of yourself is an amazing feeling and has a very deep impact. It is not only a pleasant and satisfying feeling but it has also a very positive effect on your whole personal being. It is an essential factor in a happy and fulfilling life.

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By making yourself feel proud, you are developing a better self-esteem. You give yourself reasons to believe in yourself. Proof that you are able to accomplish goals. It is giving you the power to grow as a person and to push your life in the direction of your dreams. It makes you feel useful and it is a bridge to happiness, peace and satisfaction. Every time you make yourself proud, you enlarge your desire and determination to do it again. It is a great gift you can give to yourself

So I can only encourage everyone to make themselves proud on a regular base.  If you are already doing this, well done, keep on going. But I can imagine with the busy life you have, making yourself proud is not something you consciously do on a regular base. Maybe you even forgot how important it is to do this. For all those people I have a fun and effective idea. Give yourself a make-yourself-proud-day! I did it myself and I loved it.

It is very simple. Make a list of 10 things you can do to make yourself proud. Pick one day and devote the whole day to the things on your list. Complete them one by one. It does not matter if it turns out that the day is too short for the list. Do the rest another day. Your goals do not have to be big. It is more important that you can accomplish at least a few of them that day.

It does not matter what the things on your list are as long as you do them consciously to make yourself feel proud and they have a level of accomplishment. Also, just do it for yourself and not for others. Set yourself goals that affect you.

Examples. Start the day by creating a delicious and awesome breakfast. Do something nice for yourself. A bath, meditation. Finish something that is on your list for a long time. Do something you have never done before but always wanted to do. Do something that scares you but makes you glad that you did it. Help someone else. Create something beautiful.

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You will see that you will feel good about yourself at the end of the day. Positive, satisfied, happy and proud! You might even decide to make it a habit. And with these last words I have accomplished the last two things on my list: Try to help someone and write a positive post.

Have fun!

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