Highlights of Colombia in Pictures

The days that Colombia was a dangerous, number one cocaine producing country controlled by guerillas and paramilitaries are over. Colombia is hot and ready to be explored!

Much has improved over the last ten years and the Colombian government has done a great job in making the country a safe place to travel. I am not going to lie, there are still guerillas and paramilitaries in the jungle and there is drugs but just stay away from it and you won’t encounter any trouble.

“Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay”, is the country’s tourist slogan and I can tell you, it is true! I have traveled in Colombia for six weeks and I have discovered a beautiful gem. The only downside is the food but besides that, Colombia has got it all. Beaches, mountains, rainforest, deserts, vibrating cities, smiling and super friendly people, culture and history.

In fact, the country is so diverse that I could see snowcapped mountains from a tropical beach. How often do you see that!? One day I would find myself in an overwhelming heat at the Caribbean coast while the next day I would be craving for a cup of hot chocolate in the chilly mountains. Not a single day was the same–it was great!

Colombia made it high on my list of favorite countries and deciding to go there is one of the better gifts I ever gave myself. I have seen and done amazing things, things I had never done before and I have met countless wonderful people. I am extremely grateful for that.

If you would ask me to point out the ultimate highlight of my trip I could not give you an answer. Everything was a highlight. Maybe I can show you why. This was my journey through Colombia!

Exploring the old town (La Candelaria) in Colombia’s Capitol city Bogota

Bogota Plaza BolivarBogota MonserrateBogota La Candelaria Old Town

Relaxing and hiking in and around the colonial village of Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva Main SquareVilla de Leyva StreetsVilla Pozos AzulesVilla de Leyva View on the City

Walking ‘El Camino Real’ from Barichara to Guane

Barichara TownBarichara Camino Real1Barichara Camino Real2

Paragliding in Colombia’s adventure Capitol San Gil

San Gil ParaglidingSan Gil Paragliding2

Trekking through the jungle to a lost and ancient city (Ciudad Perdida)

Ciudad Perdida Trek1Ciudad Perdida Trek2Ciudad Perdida Trek3Ciudad Perdida Trek4

Relaxing at Palomino Beach

Palomino Beach2Palomino Beach Dreamer HostelPalomino Beach1

Exploring National Park Tayrona at the Caribbean Coast

Tayrona Park1Tayrona Park2Tayrona Park3Tayrona Park4

Gazing at amazing sunsets in Santa Marta

Santa Marta1Santa Marta2

Finding waterfalls in Minca


Strolling around in the colorful old town of Cartagena

Cartagena GateCartagena StreetCartagena SquareCartagena Harbour

Discovering the vibrating city of Medellin

MedellinMedellin Botero Statue

Hiking, relaxing and learning about coffee in the mountain village of Salento

Salento Mountain ViewSalento HorseSalento Coffee Plantation

Salento Valle de Cocora

I hope you enjoyed it!

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