How to Get Rid of Negative Things in Your Life: Meditation

You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down. – Toni Morrison

Personally, I love this quote because it is so true. As long as you do not get rid of the negative things in your life, it will be very hard to reach the heights in life you would like to achieve. Take a hot air balloon for example. The more weight is has to carry, the bigger the balloon needs to be in order to lift off the ground. The bigger the balloon, the more hot air you need to fill it and that takes energy.

You wanna fly

It also works this way for you. The more negative things in life you have that keep holding and pulling you back, the harder you have to fight to move forward and that costs a lot of energy. Precious energy that you can certainly use for the good to reach your goals and dreams. I know that fighting negative aspects in your life is hard, maybe one of the hardest things in life. They found good nutritious soil in you, their roots might have grown deep and they want to survive. They too like to keep existing and if you let them, if you give them enough attention and space, they will.

Now when you fight something, you acknowledge its existence. You think you are doing a good job fighting it but what you are actually doing is giving it space and attention. And that is all it needs to keep existing. It is a fight you almost cannot win. But why fighting it in the first place? Is it not just easier to lose more weight than to build a bigger balloon? Why would you build a bigger balloon for weight you actually do not want to carry at all?

So I would say get rid of the negative, throw it away and leave it behind. Do not pay attention to it anymore and fully focus on the positive. What do you do when you do not want something to exist anymore? You just ignore it and that is just how the mind works. Make a clean cut, do it fast and with force. Turn your back towards it, do not think about it anymore and start walking to a bright future.

In order to give your mind an extra boost to help you, I created a meditation based on visualization. Take all the time you need when you do this and do not do it too often because you want to leave things behind.


Sit down and make it yourself comfortable. Start taking a few deep breaths, in and out, in and out. Relax, keep concentrating on your breathing and clear your mind. Once you feel calm and ready to move on, you picture yourself in an open field.

The air is nice and fresh and the atmosphere is pleasant. Sit down in the middle of the field and feel connected to the earth. It is safe and solid. Now visualize yourself as a being that once started as a clean bright core. Nothing is added yet, you just ‘are’. Your energy is light, soft and open. Through the years, life started to add things. Things you have learned, things you have experienced and all these things together have build your life as it is right now. Your relationships with others, hobbies, things you are working on, things you like to do but also bad habits, fears and things you do not like so much.

Now imagine that all these aspects in your life are the bricks that build your life and start to ‘unbuilt’ yourself again so you are going to get to that clean bright core again. Picture that the positive things in your life look like white bricks made of good energy and the negative like black bricks made of bad energy. Now start to make to piles of bricks in front of you. One with the positive things and one with the negative. Do it like this. Let us say swimming is a positive thing in your life. Imagine that you take a white brick of energy out of you and put it on the pile of positive bricks. If you think you watch too much television and you do not want to do it anymore, imagine it as a black brick and put it on the pile of negative things.

Do this with all the things you can come up with until you have the feeling you have uncovered your clean bright core. Now when you have reached this point, look at the piles in front of you. The white bricks are the ones you want to bring with you and the black ones are the ones you want to leave behind. Take the white bricks one by one and add them to your clean bright core again. Feel how your core is absorbing them. While you are doing this, your energy stays good and positive because it are only the good things you are taking with you. Every time you add a brick you image where it stands for.

When you are done adding all the bricks, you stand op in the field and you feel positive, full of energy and much lighter. Take one last look at the pile of black bricks. They are no longer part of your life and you will leave them there, where they will decay. Turn your back to the pile of black bricks and start walking to a bright future.

Now open your eyes again and promise yourself that you will only focus on the positive things which you have in your life right now.

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