Microadventure: ’70s Camping

Believe it or not but I went back in time. I didn’t need a time machine for it, just a bunch of stuff from the ’70s. Although I’ve never lived in the ‘70s, I’ve always had a weak spot for this decade. The flare pants, the cool designs, the colors and its innocence — I love it! So when I saw the chance to travel back to the ’70s, I took it with both hands.

After my grandma died, I was watching some old pictures of her with my dad. In the pictures, my dad was still a little boy and my grandma a young woman. It was fun to see those pictures. Not only my dad and my grandma looked different, the whole world looked different.

When I see those pictures, I can’t help but getting a feeling of nostalgia. In my mind, the ‘60s and ‘70s were better times. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t, but I like to romanticize these years.

I like to think that life was less complicated, that people were still polite enough to talk to strangers and that the clock counted more minutes.

In one of the pictures, my dad was camping with the rest of the family. They used to do it all the time, my dad told me. It wasn’t much, just a simple tent in a green field of grass but I loved everything about it. The old tent, the laundry hanging on a simple line and the nostalgic atmosphere. My desire to experience that moment was so big that it haunted me for days.

Not long after that, I found some old ‘70s camping stuff in my dad’s shed. I decided to create the moment in the picture myself. Together with a friend, I went camping in my hometown with these old camping things. For two days we went back in time and I can tell you, it was a lot of fun. This is what it was like:

In the afternoon we drove with a car full of ’70s camping stuff to a campsite at the edge of our hometown. It was a wonderful campsite in the middle of nature and it was hard to imagine that we were only 15 minutes away from our homes.


Although a tent from the ’70s works a little different than a modern tent, we had no problems setting it up. Soon we created our cozy place for the night. Our view was a lovely pond.




After we had set up camp, we relaxed, talked and shared some beers.




In the evening, it was time to cook dinner. A healthy dinner. We made bulgur with broccoli, bell pepper, tomato, avocado, spring onions and white cheese. It had to be simple because we only had a small pan for cooking. Still, I think we did a good job.







Later that evening, a couple of friends joined us. That is the advantage of camping in your hometown. We talked, laughed and had a great evening together.


The next morning we woke up peacefully by the sounds of birds. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. We started with a good breakfast, and after we read and relaxed a bit more. In the afternoon, we broke up camp, left the ’70s and traveled back to the present. A great experience!





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