Microadventure: Cycling and Wild Camping Along a River

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.         – Andre Gide

You may be the ultimate survival person or you may be the type that prefers to zip a wine on a terras in Saint Tropez surrounded by luxery, I think that seeking out adventure has a positive effect on all of us. It means getting out of your comfortzone but coming closer to yourself.

Seeking out adventure is facing the unknown. You do not exactly know what is going to happen. Very refreshing once in a while! In an adverture you have to rely on yourself, you are forced to dig deeper and to get closer to yourself. It is likely that you learn things about yourself which you did not know yet.

An adventure does not have to be big for a positive effect. Like adventurer Alastair Humphreys says, a microadventure is an exellent way to break your routine, to enjoy the world and to recharge yourself. I have done a few microadventures myself now and I can agree. They are the memories that make me smile.

Recently I have done one again. It was simple. I cycled to a wild campsite, slept there for one night and cycled back. It did not take a lot of time (you could do it in a weekend), it was cheap and it was a great experience. To give you an idea, I will show you what it was like.

In the morning I packed my bag, grapped a tent and jumped on my bike. My destination was a wild campsite along a river, about 65 km away from my home. As soon as I left my hometown I found myself in a typical Dutch landscape.

Microadventure Avelingen 1

I passed Idyllic villages and bigger cities like Rotterdam. I was enjoying the sun in my face and all the life that was happening around me.

Microadventure Avelingen 2Microadventure Avelingen 3

After Rotterdam there were no big cities anymore. The landscape became greener and I entered the land of the farmers. I was often surrounded by colorful springflowers and green grassy fields.

Microadventure Avelingen 4Microadventure Avelingen 5Microadventure Avelingen 6

After a few hours I had reached the river. The campsite was somewhere along this river, hidden in a wonderful area surrounded by flower fields.

Microadventure Avelingen 7Microadventure Avelingen 8

At first I was alone on the campsite but soon I found out that a great bunch of people from a hikers club decided to camp there as well. An empty campsite turned into a cozy place.

Microadventure Avelingen 9Microadventure Avelingen 10

After I had done some groceries in the lovely village nearby I cooked my dinner. Macaroni with leek, bacon, bell pepper, garlic and cream.

Microadventure Avelingen 11Microadventure Avelingen 12

After dinner I was treated with a beautiful sunset. It was great to see the river and the flower fields in golden light.

Microadventure Avelingen 13kopieMicroadventure Avelingen 14Microadventure Avelingen 15Microadventure Avelingen 16Microadventure Avelingen 17

In the evening I joined the group of hikers around a campfire. It was a lot of fun. We talked, laughed and some people played the guitar and sang. At midnight, it was someone’s birthday and for the occation we lighted sparklers.

Microadventure Avelingen 18

The next morning I woke up early. It was foggy. I sat along the river for a while and watched the boats passing by. I heard birds whisteling their song. The world was peaceful and quiet. I walked around for a bit and had some sheeps as company.

Microadventure Avelingen 19Microadventure Avelingen 20Microadventure Avelingen 21Microadventure Avelingen 22

After breakfast I decided that it was time to leave. I said goodbye to the river, to my new friends and I cycled back again. I felt refreshed, recharged and thankful.  Another great microadventure!

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