Microadventure: Urban Exploration Road Trip

The first time I saw him, we were both twelve.  Our dads worked at the same company and the company had organized a fun day for the kids. We were sharing a table at lunch and I remember he was quite a naughty boy. He was ‘experimenting’ with food, playing with forks but we had fun. We laughed a lot.

The second time I saw him, he was pissing off a fisherman by jumping up and down and chasing the fish away. It was the day we became friends. Best friends. Through the years we never lost sight of each other and nowadays he is my oldest friend. Nothing much has changed. We still laugh a lot and he can still be that naughty boy.

Picture of us

We both like a bit of an adventure and we both have a passion for photography. A couple of years ago we discovered Urban Exploration which perfectly combines the two. It is about tracking down (old) abandoned buildings and photographing them. It is pretty exciting to enter these building and to capture the forgotten.

Belgium is one of the best countries for Urban Exploration. It is close to Holland and we always go on a two day road trip to find and explore some buildings. It is an adventure, a microadventure! This time was our fourth time. We visited four places in total which were very diverse. An abandoned tax office, a graveyard, an old coal mine (my favorite) and an abandoned sauna. With Urban Exploration you always end up in the weirdest places and that is why we love it so much. Here are the pictures!

The Tax Office

The tax office is a big building on the edge of a small village in the north of Belgium. The place was pretty trashed, there was no furniture anymore but it was still an interesting location.

Belasting kantoor stoelBelasting kantoor kamer doorkijk2Belasting kantoor trapBelasting kantoor kamerBelasting kantoor zolder

Cemetery Of The Insane

They call it the cemetery of the insane because it used to be the graveyard of the psychiatric institution close by. The institution is closed now and they do not maintain the graveyard anymore. They gave it back to nature.

cemetery of the insane5cemetery of the insane9cemetery of the insane6cemetery of the insane7cemetery of the insane3

Coal Mine of Hasard de Cheratte

The coal mine of Hasard de Cheratte was closed in 1977 and it is empty ever since. You can enter the building but not without danger. Iron stairs are decayed and fragile. There is a lot of glass everywhere and there are deep holes in the ground. But if you are careful it is a great place for Urbex Exploration with a lot to see.

hazard outsidehazard cheratte hallhazard cheratte switchhazard cheratte big hallhazard chain hallhazard cheratte cupboardshazard cheratte green roomhazard windowshazard cheratte tablehazard cheratte office room

The Sauna

This sauna was closed a couple of years ago because it did not meet the safety requirements. People left the place like it was so everything is still there. The building is in a relatively good condition. It is quite weird to walk through an abanoned place where people used to be pampered.

sauna stenensauna zonnebankensauna keyssauna lockerssauna in saunasauna hallsauna tegeltjessauna bril

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