My Little Big Example

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The boy in the picture I know very well. I haven’t seen him in a while now, but seeing his picture always makes me smile.

It makes me think about the great time we’ve had together and all the wonderful memories we’ve made.

I always loved his open-minded and curious approach to the world. Like the world was one big playground.

It’s a little boy but in many ways, he is my big example. For years now, I’m busy focusing on self-improvement and learning how to live a happy life.

It’s paying off but despite all my effort, I still think this boy was way better at the art of living than I’m today.

Being happy and unprejudiced always seemed to be his natural state of being. He didn’t have any negative mental boundaries.

He didn’t care about what other people thought of him. When we wanted to walk outside, dressed like Spiderman, he just walked outside dressed like Spiderman. Or like a tiger.

Also, he didn’t have fears about his future. He didn’t keep dwelling in the past on hate and regret and he didn’t see the need to color between the lines, while you can color anyhow you want.

At his age, he already had all the qualities I’m working on so hard today.

Unfortunately, life made us grow apart and it’s very unlikely that I will ever see him again. I miss him sometimes.

Luckily, in a way, he will always be a part of me.

In the picture, I was 4 years old.

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