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Freedom, we all want to experience this feeling and we often find it in many different ways. For me it means being unattached from conventions, doing what I love, moving and making memories. An addictive feeling that I have so far mostly experienced when traveling. It is when I put my life in a backpack, when I am on the road and on my way to new cultures, discoveries and faces, that I feel the freest.


Society does not care about what I do, but at the same time gives me the feeling that I have to obey to a certain way of living. My family only wants me to be happy, but had only taught me about life the way they had known it to be. And I was holding back myself from experiencing freedom and true happiness because I believed that I had to follow these paths. Why would I be living a life that I do not want when I have all the opportunities to choose differently? It was when I realized that I can change my life into the one that I want that I came up with On My Way To Freedomland.

On My Way To Freedomland is my lifetime project that will serve to remind and encourage me to keep searching for ways to experience the feeling of freedom and happiness that I feel when traveling. It is about getting rid of the well accepted ideas and conventions that ‘You cannot always do what you want’. On My Way To Freedomland is about redesigning my life and being aware of the notion that I am free to choose the course of my life.

With this project I want to look for ways to earn my living through my passions. I want to challenge myself by doing things which in my opinion lead to a great feeling of freedom, but before have never made it further than being just ideas and dreams in my head. I want to continue traveling, to be creative and to free up my mind. There is no holding back anymore and there are no excuses left. From now on it is about making things happen. I promise myself a life that makes me happy, satisfied and free.

I am on my way to Freedomland.

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