Official Start and Interview

A Different Life A New StartAfter a few weeks of brainstorming, setting up the media and creating the website, On My Way To Freedomland has officially started. It is out there now and I’m looking forward to do all the things I have planned. You don’t realize how much work it is to set up a project like this until you actually did it yourself. But once it is there, you can be proud and that’s exactly how I feel. So now it is a matter of doing things, writing about it and share it with you. It’s a bit of a strange feeling too. You are living up to this moment for quite a while and then all of a sudden, you are at the start of your new life. You have to get rid of your old habits and start making new ones. I am sure some things will feel a bit unnatural in the beginning but I am sure that once I am doing these things, it will be great.

Mexico is an amazing place for starting my project and it makes the beginning of my new life so much more real. Living and working in another country is already a big change and something I have never done before. It shows me that it is totally not necessary to feel stuck to a place and that I can live everywhere in the world. It makes me realize how nice it is to wake up with the sun every day and live close to the beach. When I traveled I was always just a visitor, now I am part of this world. Luckily I still have a couple of weeks here and I am going to enjoy them a lot. Maybe I even find the opportunity to start a small challenge here. It is also great that I am in charge of my own schedule now. It is very nice to start the day the way I like it and if I want to go to the beach in the afternoon…well, why not? I just work longer in the evening.

Sunrise Playa del CarmenThe big difference between an office job and working for myself for so far is that all the work I do, has direct influence on my life. I have the chance to be creative and I can create everything I like because it is a reflection of the person I am. The freedom I have now is so much bigger, the sky is the limit. And how nice it is when people eventually like what you did.

One thing that I feel very fortunate about is that I can share this start with my best friend Mirha Masala. Although we know each other for many years now, through working together every day, we see sides about each other which we have never seen before and it adds so much more to the friendship. She is a great help and I appreciate all the things she is doing for me. For her Spin-Off Project, she also did an interview with me. In this interview, I am telling about the idea behind On My Way To Freedomland and about my plans. You can watch the interview here and tell me what you think about it.

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