Photo Essay: An Ode to Amsterdam

It is the city of freedom and my favorite place in the world, Amsterdam! Although Amsterdam is not my hometown, it is the place where I feel at home. I have seen many places, big and small but there is no place that can match Amsterdam. Cities like Rome and Paris are beautiful, probably more beautiful but it is the atmosphere in Amsterdam that makes me love the city. Down to earth and eccentric at the same time. People are free to do what they want and everything is possible.

I like to walk around in the city, to see the canals, to watch the people and to absorb the energy. It never gets boring and I always discover something new. I like the parks where people meet and relax with a bottle of wine, I like the many bars on the street corners which are full of life on sunny days. I like the different areas, East, West, North and South. They all have something unique to offer. I like the 17th century golden age buildings, I like the bridges and I like the squares. Actually, I like everything about this city.

Through the years, I have made quite some pictures of Amsterdam. To show my gratitude for all the positivity and great memories the city gave me, I decided to make an ode to the Amsterdam. I have selected my favorite pictures I took and I have put them all together. I hope you enjoy!


amsterdam10Oudezijds Voorburgwal

amsterdam 9Oudezijds Voorburgwal


amsterdam5View on Amsterdam


amsterdam serie7Vondelpark

amsterdam serie6Keizersgracht

amsterdam serie10Museumplein


amsterdam7Magere brug (Amstel)

amsterdam serie4Leidsegracht



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