Photo Essay: I Would Like You To Meet Sarajevo

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite cities, Sarajevo. I rarely go back to cities I have visited before but there is something about Sarajevo that keeps luring me back. I think it is because it has a little bit of everything. It is a capital city but it feels like a village.

There is an old Turkish part but also a more modern Austrian-Hungarian part. There are Mosques and Churches standing side by side and Bosnia has a very tasty kitchen. There are always people outside to drink a coffee together or have some pita what gives the city a cozy atmosphere. At night, people really make an effort to dress up nice what makes every night feel like a special night.

The city has a rich history which is reflected in the old buildings and there are a lot of interesting places to see. Because it is surrounded by mountains, you can have beautiful views over the city and if you arrive at a view point at prayer time, the city will be filled with songs of the 150 muezzins. But I do not want to describe the city with words now but show it to you with pictures. This is Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Panorama

Old Town

pigeon square

sarajevo old town

Copper Street Sarajevo

Morica Han

Main Mosque Sarajevo

Old Town Sarajevo

playing chess

Sarajevo River1

Library Sarajevo

Art Academie




Eternal Fire Monument 2nd WW

View On Yellow Tower

Muslim Grave

View On Yellow Tower Sun Set


Sarajevo View Evening

I hope you enjoyed!

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