Road Trip Through France and The German Alps: The Movie

FreedomIt finally happened. It took about 33 years but I can officially say it now. I am not a road trip virgin anymore. Together with my best friend we hit the road in his awesome BMW and we explored a part of Europe. It was awesome. It was freedom.

The plan was simple. Driving, sightseeing and camping. On a quiet Sunday morning we left our hometown in Holland to head south. Our first goal, Normandy in France. We brought a tent, a stove, two chairs, a USB-stick full of road trip songs and well, loads of other things.

As a kid, I have spent many holidays in France with my family. I have seen the most of it. But we always skipped the north. I guess it had something to do with the amount of sunshine my parents were aiming for.

Now that I have been in the north of France, I can tell you it is actually a very cool area. It is green, it has idyllic towns, the cliffs along the coasts are beautiful. But wait a minute. What am I doing? I don’t have to tell you how my road trip was, I can show you.

The only thing I will tell you is that we explored the most of Normandy and a bit of Brittany, made our way to Paris and ended somewhere in the German Alps. Oh and did I tell you we had a blast? Here is our happy road trip video. May it inspire you to do the same.

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