Singapore: The Journey Relived


I was always curious about Singapore. The small and rich country in Asia with their strict rules. From Malaysia I crossed the border with Singapore by bus and I did not really know what to expect. Like most of the bigger cities in Malaysia, Singapore is also divided in a Western part, a China town and a Little India. I decided to stay in Little India in a big, busy but very clean hostel. I like these Little India parts. They are lively, colorful and the food is great. Maybe even better than in India. Bollywood music is blasting from the speakers in stores where they sell bright fabrics. Fun!

Singapore LionIt was already evening when we arrived so after we checked in, we decided to go to Marina Bay. It is a Western area with modern architecture, expensive restaurants and fancy hotels. From there you have a great view on all the tall buildings. The skyline of the business area of one side and the Marina Bay Sands towers together with the Museum of art science on the other. There is also a light show at 8pm and 9.30pm which is worth your time if you are around. It is so different from the rest of Asia. It is so clean and the standards are actually much higher than in most Western countries. The whole evening we stayed here and had some drinks while enjoying the skyline and nice conversations.

Singapore Park

The next two days it was time for exploring the rest of Singapore and the subways is an excellent way to do this. It is advanced, clean and quick. I did not have much time but I just wanted to see a little bit of everything. I went to Ochard street which is the big shopping area. Singapore is quite expensive and especially in these kind of areas but if you go to the foodcourts in the shopping malls you can have a great inexpensive meal. Chinatown is a bustling area with some interesting temples but it is also fun to just walk in the streets and see what they sell. Weird kind of herbs, all kinds of tea and lots more. There is one area which is very crowded but for a reason. It is the food area with lots of small hole in the wall food stalls. You can choose all kinds of inexpensive food. I had a wonton soup and it was great.

Singapore Little India

There are a lot of museums in Singapore too. I visited the Museum of art science in Marina Bay. The building itself is already very interesting. It is shaped like a lotus flower and it is a very characteristic building in Singapore. The time I was there they had an exposition about Andy Warhol. They say Singapore has an interesting zoo but I did not see it and neither I saw the theme park Sentosa Island. I lost all my time by walking around but that is what I like.

Singapore was nice for a change. It is modern, clean, people do not bother you and the transportation is excellent. I liked China Town and Little India a lot but the real magic lays at night in Marina Bay. I spend here a little more than two days and I would say it is enough. It is more expensive than the rest of Asia but if you sleep in a dorm, eat at the right places and get your drinks in the supermarket, it does not have to cost that much.

Singapore Sands

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