Thailand: Koh Tao

Continuation of Foodelicious Vietnam

Koh Tao

From Vietnam I flew back to Thailand from where I started. I almost did everything I wanted to do and now there was only one thing left, getting my Padi diving certificate. On my way back to Thailand it felt like I was going on a holiday during my trip. I liked Bangkok the second time much more and from there I took the bus and boat to Koh Toa, one of Thailand’s beautiful islands.

Koh Tao sunset

Many people recommended me to get my Padi there, so I did. I found and excellent dive school and together with some fellow Dutch travelers I took the course.  It was a lot of fun. First you practice a day in a swimming pool. You need to learn the theory from a book as well so it’s study time. The second day you’re already allowed to dive in the ocean so you can behold the wondrous underwater world. Colorful fishes are everywhere and the closer you look, the more you’ll see. Clownfishes Angelfishes, Rays, Moray eels and a lot more. Diving isn’t very hard. Of course you have to be careful but once you’ve got your buoyancy right, you can just relax and enjoy.

In the evening we had to do our Padi exam from which no one ever seems to fail and so didn’t I. The next day we had two more dives including wearing ninja masks as a theme and in the evening we all celebrated the happy fact that we got our Padi. The rest of the days I explored the beautiful island, had a bit of partying and did my last tanning.

Koh Tao Island

Back in Bangkok I got myself a room in a hotel with a pool on the roof so I could relax. I walked around the city for the last time and I had my last green curry on the street. All the time I was thinking back about all those great memories I made with a smile on my face. I succeeded in an awesome way and I had no wishes anymore for this trip. I travelled around for three months in four different countries and I did so many amazing things. I met a lot of wonderful people on my way and experienced the kindness and respect of the backpackers world.

It’s a whole different mentality and one to cherish. Everyone is in for a chat and give you help and advice if you need it. Going on this trip is the best decision I’ve ever made and it changed my life and perception of the world. The world has so many great things to offer and going out there with just your backpack and nothing planned is a great way to experience it all. For me it’s the best way to feel my freedom.



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