Why You Should Never Fight the Current of the River Called Life

Imagine yourself that for some reason, you have ended up in the middle of a fast flowing river. It is in a wonderful canyon and the river is running through a healthy green forest. Beautiful flowers are growing along its shores, butterflies are flying in the air. Let’s say we call this river ‘Life’ and you decided to go with the flow.

Sometimes the river turns into rapidly flowing white water, sometimes the river is a bit more quiet. But the current is always strong enough to take you with it. Sooner or later, there could be a moment that you don’t like the course of that river anymore. Maybe you don’t like the scenery around it or got bored by it. Maybe you know that there is a dangerous waterfall further along the river. Maybe the river is taking you to a place where you don’t want to be.

There can be many reasons but the question is: What will you do? Are you going to resist the current of the river and try to swim against it? Or will you go with the flow of the river for a moment and try to swim to the shore so you can change course? What sounds like wisdom?

river called life

Resisting the current and trying to swim against it sound pretty pointless. Sure, I can think of reasons why this would be a choice. You don’t want the current to take you any further for example because you don’t like what is about to come. But the fact is that you are in that river. Fighting the current doesn’t change anything about that. It will only make your stay in that river much longer. It will drain your energy and  eventually you have to let go because you are too exhausted. What you feared becomes reality because you don’t have the power anymore to swim to the shore. You probably even forgot that there is a shore because you have been swimming for far too long with your face to the wrong side.

Another reason why you might want to swim back is to find a point when you still liked being in that river. That is useless too because you will never find it. The river moved on, it changed and you will never find the same river because the water keeps flowing. Also, the current will eventually take you back to the point where you started. It would be a waste of energy. Nothing will change.

A last reason I can think of is that you want to swim back to the source of the river so you can get out of it and change direction. Then again, why would you want to do that? Why wouldn’t you swim to the shore at any point of the river to change course? You don’t have to find the source of a river to change direction. You just need to find the strength to make it to the shore.

So whatever reason you have to fight the current, your effort will bring you nowhere. There is no chance of winning, you will end up exhausted and you have to be careful that you don’t drown.

Now going with the flow for a moment and trying to swim to the shore sounds like a much better option. You have allowed the current to take you that far. It is like it is. So you need to accept the fact that the river is taking you a little further but you can focus on the shore and gently try to reach it. It is the easiest and quickest way to get out of that river. The sooner you can leave the river behind you the sooner you can change course and choose the one you like.

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Of course the river resembles life itself. During your life you go with many flows. Some of them you like, some not. But just as with the river, it is pointless to resist the moment. It will never get you anywhere. The choices you have made before brought you to this point. It is like it is. By resisting the moment you are only denying the things that are. Eventually, you can’t. Maybe you don’t like something about your life but you will never win and overcome something by fighting and resisting. Only by accepting and changing. By resisting something, you acknowledge its existence and therefore, it will always be a part of your life. It is an everlasting battle you can’t win because you are creating it yourself.

Also, you can’t resist your future by living in the past. There is no past, there is only the now. Every single moment is creating your future so you better be in control of it before you end up somewhere you don’t want to be. With your eyes staring into the past, life is always approaching you from behind. You can never choose the right way if you can’t see the roads.

Therefore it is always better to accept things the way they are. You can’t change the moment but you can push it in a direction. You need to let go before you can choose a new flow.

Every single moment you have the chance to choose better. You just have to do it. You just have to make your way to the shore. That’s all.

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