Freedom of Mind

Me MeditatingWhen I think of freedom, the first thing that pops up in my mind is being able to move physically. I picture myself traveling around the world and doing whatever I like. But you can be in the most beautiful places with your body, if your mind is troubled or too busy thinking about other things, you are not really there.

Too many thoughts often lead to a lesser state of happiness. It makes you tired, sometimes worried and the majority of thoughts is probably unnecessary. It is easy to become a prisoner of your own thoughts. If you have a clear and peaceful mind, you will be able to enjoy your life and adventures far better.

First of all you have to allow yourself to think free, in order to be it. Therefore I find it essential that one of my projects for On My Way To Freedomland is working on my mind. I want to free myself from all these thoughts and create an open and conscious mind. I want to try some different techniques to reach this state of mind and my main focus will lay in  meditation. I will write about my experiences and I am sure I can give you some helpful tips in the future about freeing your mind.

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