A Healthy Life

I Love Food

Living and eating healthy gives you more energy and having more energy enables you to do more and to be happier.

As such, it is very important for me to live a healthy life and take good care of my body. I like to swim and jog a couple of times a week and I am very aware of what I eat.

Actually, I love food! I am not really a fan of snacks but food and cooking are important in my life. I love to cook with quality products and create a great and tasty dish. A good meal makes me feel satisfied for a longer time and does not make me want to snack. I am not a food expert and opinions about what is good for you and what is not change all the time but I think that a balanced menu is a good start.

Within this topic, I will be writing about how I try to live a healthy life and share the great recipes I know and will discover in the future. I hope you are hungry!

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