A Photographic Walk Through a Dutch Forest

I love nature and I love to be surrounded by it. The beauty, the tranquility, the strength, the resilience, and the creativity in survival. It is a place where I can breath free, it is a place of life. Unfortunately, I Iive in an area in Holland with a dense concentration of cities so you will not find a lot of nature here. Some cities are very nice but of course it is not the same. When I fly home after a travel and I fly over Holland, the country from above always looks rediculous to me. You will see farmland, neatly devided into straight squares. It makes it hard for me to think of Holland as a beautiful country.

Lately, I quite often go on a roadtrip to discover more about my own country and it reminded me I was wrong. Holland has beauty and wonderful nature. Once you leave the rural areas you will find beautiful sanddunes and forests for example. Somehow, because I live in the city, I forget this sometimes. I think the majority of tourists only visit Amsterdam and maybe a couple of other cities but they will not get to see this side of Holland. That is why I took a walk in a Dutch forest, photographed it, so I can show you this side. I invite you to take a photographic walk.

forest road5

forest road3

forest road1

forest road2

forest tree1

forest road

forest road4

forest tree2

forest road9

forest road7

forest road8

forest road6

forest road10

forest tree3

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