Get Rid of Your ‘Old Leaves’ so You Can Start Fresh

After a long and cold winter, spring finally arrived. The world is waking up again and it is time for another fresh start. Old leaves made place for new ones in the winter and a part of the world is turning green again. New life is everywhere.

I was watching this change while jogging in the park and I could not help seeing some resembles between nature and my own life. We are both starting fresh. This gave me some inspiration to get rid of my ‘old leaves’ as well and this means throwing away all the stuff I do not need anymore.

New Life

I am not a material kind of person and I do not own a lot of stuff but over the years I collected all kind of things. Things I never used anymore but I did not want to throw away because of a memory. Old memories of times that are long gone and to be honest, there is no reason to keep all these things. They only take a lot of space in my closet so I decided to do myself a favor by throwing them away. Not because I have a problem with my past, on the contrary, I have had a great past but just to give my mind setting a boost to fully focus on the future. What is it they say? When you are looking at the past you are turning your back to the future?

Besides that, I love cleaning up my closet and it is almost meditative. Just throwing things away, being grateful for the memories but making room for new ones. I can really recommend it to everyone. Try it, your head will feel cleaner and fresher and you have a lot more space in your home. And if you have trouble throwing things away because there are some memories attached, think about it, the memory is already in your head right?

Personally I also think it is nice to live a bit minimalistic. I do not mean a Spartan interior design but it does not hurt to ask yourself the question: “what do I really need?” With all the money you are spending on things you do not really need you can do a lot of other fun things.

Old Leaves

All together I spent almost a day in my closet and I ended up with four bags of things I could throw away. I must admit it was tempting to keep things but I used one rule. Did I use it last year? No. Throw it away. Symbolically I burned some of these things to say goodbye to my past and hello to my future. From the ashes rises the phoenix, from the ashes rises new life!

Born From The Ashes

How about you? Are you a collector? Would you like to challenge yourself to do the same?

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