How Things are Already Different

Goodbye MexicoLast week, my Mexican Kick Off came to an end. I have had an amazing time there and life was sweet. But it is how it is with all things in life, it had to end before it started to lose its value because that is how it works with human beings. If things would be forever we would not appreciate them anymore. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my friends. We lived next door and saw each other every day for the last couple of weeks. We worked together, shared a lot and grew even closer. I am sure I will see them soon.

Iphone caseThe purpose of going to Mexico was starting a new life and setting up my whole life project and I think I have definitely succeeded. I mean, of course I am just in the beginning stage but already quite some things have changed. I have my own fully working blog website On My Way To Freedomland. I have designed the whole site with my own pictures and wrote a couple of posts. I have my own photography website including a web store where you can buy my pictures. You can buy my fine art now printed on your Iphone case in my Society6 account. I am doing photography for an upcoming online city guide which is a lot of fun and I have so many things to look forward to.

Also, my mind setting is already different and I realized this the moment I came home. Normally I had trouble to adapt to ‘normal’ life again after I had been away for a while. Everything was the same again and it was one big Blegh. Like a black hole. Now I did not mind so much and I even enjoyed it. Ok, except for the temperature which was exceptionally cold after six weeks of Caribbean sunshine. I have so many great things to do that I do not have time to fall in the hole. Sure, it is good ol’ home again but there are also things I can do better from here. Like I started a small cooking project which I will be posting soon. So home did not change but I did.

To Do ListEvery day I wake up with ideas for my project and it gives me so much joy and happiness. Working out my own ideas gives me a lot of satisfaction because I am creating things that are really mine. Setting my own goals is very motivating and during the process I find more and more inspiration. That is the whole thing, you start looking at things in a different way and for me that is such a change. Now when I start my day I have a whole list with things I want to do and I am actually doing them instead of thinking how great it would be if I could do it.

Perhaps I have to find a temporary job again for a while because eventually I have to pay my rent of course but even if I have to, it does not matter. I do not have to worry about my résumé anymore because I chose to follow my own path and not someone else’s wishes. I can tell you, with this future ahead of me, the world seems a whole lot brighter.

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