How To Create More Inner Space: Freedom Meditation

This simple meditation is about creating more inner space and as a result, a bigger feeling of freedom. There are many things in daily life that can prevent us from having the feeling of freedom. Not being able to do what you want, people demanding things from you, being stuck in habits, thinking that you are not good enough, all these things can narrow down your personal space and prevent you from taking the freedom you actually have.

Freedom Meditation

But all these thoughts exist in the first place in your mind and in your being. The perspective on life you have created and your life as you know it can work as a personal prison without you even knowing it. Through the years, it is possible that your personal space became smaller and smaller because of the wrong ideas, until you have reached a point of the idea that there is nowhere to go anymore and your choices are limited. This is my life and it is how it is. There is no space to move in your mind and you feel stuck.

Luckily, thoughts in your mind can be turned into other thoughts. You just have to open up again, break the bars of your thoughts and start to feel that infinite amount of space again. Of course it is  easier said than done but this meditation can help to create more space again. It is very simple and remember, you have to really feel it.

Freedom Meditation

Sit down, make it yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Take a couple of strong breaths and relax. Concentrate on your breathing for a while. When your mind is calm try to relax your whole body and let every tension and every negative feeling flow into the earth. Clean yourself from it until you see yourself as a light being with a bright, white and clean energy.

Now, think of how it would feel if you would be totally free, like there are no boundaries. You are free in every aspect. You are free to go where you want, to do what you want and to think what you want. Everything is possible. Feel it in your whole body and open up. Open up your mind.

Freedom Meditation bubbleNow hold down to this feeling and place yourself in a bubble, filled with the energy of your freedom. Feel the light, gentle and open energy. This space in the bubble is your space and it is safe, protected by the bubble and nothing can claim it. When you feel ready, start to visualize that the bubble is growing bigger and bigger. The space where in you can move free is growing, your personal space is growing. Make sure that you create only positive feelings because this place is a happy place.

Let the bubble grow with every breath you take and do this until the bubble dissolves into infinity. You are free now to move on the earth, to go where you want to go and to be who you want to be. Observe how it feels. Visualize yourself doing things that make you feel free. Maybe running in an open field with the wind in your face, or watching a sunset on the beach. Whatever comes up in your mind. Open your eyes again when you feel like it. You are free and the world is your playground! 

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