How To Make the First Steps Towards a New Life

What if you suddenly realize that you are not happy with your life? Or maybe you are not necessarily unhappy but you just have the feeling that you want more in life or something different. Somewhere along the road you forgot the big dreams you had a as a child because society made you feel you had to settle for less. Life became a routine instead of an exciting journey and although this routine feels safe, there is always something itching. Your computer and television became your window to the world. You watch and read successful stories, stories about people having adventures, creating cool things and seeing the world. You want it too but at the same time you think this will never happen to you and that is true, unless you to MAKE it happen!

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Nothing is forever and every single second you have the ability to start changing things. You have made choices in the past which led you to this point in your life but you can always change course. You just have to make the first step in the direction you want. Now the first step is for many also one of the hardest and the reason why many people never take it. Which direction do you want to go?

What is the right choice?

There are so many choices in life nowadays and so many things you can do that the world as a whole is too overwhelming. Of course you want to make the right choice once you have decided to change direction but it feels impossible because you are missing the overview. How do you know which road is leading to happiness and which one is not?

The truth is you do not. There are too many changing factors in the world and you are one of them but that is certainly not a reason to not start walking because what do you have to lose? Everything is better than being stuck in a situation you do not like.

In order to make an inspiring choice that will make you start working on a new life, you need a different approach. Instead of making a map of the world you have to make a map of yourself. You need you find out what you really want from your own core to find the motivation to make the first step. There is a lot more power in the question ‘what do I want to do?’ instead of ‘what can I do?’. If you ask yourself ‘what can I do?’ you keep floating in a world of possibilities but if you ask yourself ‘what do I want to do?’ you have a starting point and a goal you can work on.

The good thing is that you can literally make a map of yourself. It is hard to know yourself because you are always in your own blind spot. You are always you and it is difficult to have an overview when you are in the middle of something. So my advice is to take a distance of yourself. Get yourself a whiteboard or a big piece of paper and hang it on a prominent place so you will see it every day. Call it project “Discover Myself” and start writing down the things you like. You can also use pictures to make it more visual. Give it some time and use it actively until you start to make connections and see the big lines. Peel the layers of yourself like with an onion and uncover your core. Bring all the little dots together and find the keyword that means you. This is what truly matters.

Do not restrict yourself in the things you write down because you think they are not realistic. It is not about that! Remember, it is about what you want to do and not what you can do. The whole purpose is to make you excited about something, to give you a focus and once you know what you want to do from the core of your hearth, you have made the first step. Promise yourself you are going to make your dreams reality, no matter what. Maybe it is going to take a long time, maybe you have to start from zero, maybe things are not always going as you like but you are going to give yourself the greatest gift ever, a fulfilling life!

What to do now I know my direction?

So you are staring at your personal map, looking at all the things you wrote down that make you happy and you think: ‘Ok, this is fun, what now?’. Well these are the things in life you like, the things you want to exist in your life so you have to let them exist. The mind is complicated but works very simple in a way. Focus on something and you will give it room to exist, ignore something and it will disappear.

Now when I say focus I mean really focus, both physically and mentally. If you want something to exist in your life you have to give it real attention. Of course everything begins with an idea in your mind but if you never give it expression, it will be locked up there forever. Dreaming is passive but chasing dreams is active.

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Maybe you would like to be an underwater cameraman for example but if you are only sitting on your couch watching underwater documentaries, you are never going to be an underwater cameraman. So do not only think but act. Make a plan, take diving lessons, buy a camera, learn about filming. You are never going to create the life you want just by thinking about it. Act now and do not make a single excuse otherwise you will keep doing this forever. And by the way, booking a snorkeling holiday to the Bahamas is not going to make you an underwater cameraman either.

Focusing on new things in your life is going to take energy but know that you are doing it for a better life and energy often creates energy. When you are doing fun things and create positivity, it will reflect in your life. Laziness drains energy while working on your dreams, improving yourself and making yourself proud is creating energy. Keep pushing yourself and especially in the beginning. Look at your map, these are the things you like to do. Why should you do something else?

It also works the other way around. Ignore the things you do not like in your life and they will disappear. Do not even give them negative attention because that is a form of acknowledgement too. Every single thought about things you do not want to exist is stealing space and time from the things you want to exist.

Know that the process will take time. We are not made to change in one day and that is never going to happen. Changes take time and effort. You are used to a routine, you have created habits and now you have to get used to new ones. But once you have decided to start, you are going to have a great adventure. An adventure where you will explore yourself and the possibilities of the world. Of course these are just the first steps but know that if you want change, you have to start working on it. It is as simple as it is.

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