How To Overcome Your Fears so You Can Become a Happier Version of You

overcome fears

I’m not going to do this, I thought. This is way too steep. It isn’t worth the risk. Oh but it would be so cool if I did. The feeling would be awesome.

I was standing on top of a hill. The late afternoon sun was shining on my face. Right in front of me was a small steep road going downhill with a quick turn. In my hands, I had my longboard.

The plan was to longboard downhill but now I was standing there, I felt fear. What if I was going to fast and couldn’t make the turn? There was no way that I could break on such a small road. This could end badly.

Luckily I can tell you, it didn’t end badly and I went off that hill. It was a thrill. But I didn’t take the risk, I did it in little steps. I decided to start from a lower point first. It was easier from there. Every time I had the feeling that I could start from a higher point, I did. Eventually I went from the top. I wasn’t  scared anymore because I knew that I could do it. I explored the road, little by little.

There is a lesson in everything. Even in small things because all the basics are the same. What seems scary at first is often not scary at all. What seems impossible is often very possible.

You can have big dreams , things you want in life, things you want to achieve. But how often does a dream stay a dream, simply because the step seems too big? Simply, because you are too afraid to take it.

Taking big steps is scary because you don’t know if you’re going to fall or crush. You don’t know if there will be solid ground ahead of you to put your feet on. If this fear is holding you back from making your dreams reality, ask yourself this question:  Do I need to take big steps?

There is no reason to take big steps, small steps will get you to your dreams as well. Actually, it is often much better to take small steps. Many people only think of the end result which indeed can be far away and scary. But they forget about the road in between. There is always a road in between.  Remember that.

By taking small steps you grow towards your goal. You gain knowledge, skills and with that, your confidence will grow. Confidence is fears biggest enemy.

Let’s say you want to be a skydiver. Will you go on a plane with a parachute and jump down without any instruction or experience? I hope you won’t.

No, you do the first jump while you are attached to a professional to see if you even like it. If you like it, you can follow the course. You will learn about your equipment, about techniques, all from the ground. That’s not scary. You’re taking small steps towards your goal. That’s something we all can do.

By the time you’re high in the sky in an airplane with your parachute, you know that you can jump and safely make it to the ground. You know this because you have practiced. You know all about skydiving so you feel confident enough to make the jump. Once you did, you are a skydiver. You have reached your goal. But you did it in little steps.

And this goes for everything in life. Maybe you don’t like your job for example but you’re too afraid to quit because you need the money. Then don’t quit but work towards your dreams next to your job. Maybe it’s something else you want to achieve. It can be anything. But don’t let fear be an excuse for not taking the step. Explore if there is solid ground ahead. Take little steps. It might cost effort but you will give yourself the best gift ever. A happier life! And don’t we all want that?

After I went of that hill with my longboard I even took higher ones. I haven’t reached the limit yet. There is so much more possible than you might think. But you will never know unless you try. Good luck!

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