Life, A Continuous Crossroad.

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.

– William Jennings Bryan

Life is a crossroad

Bleeb bleeb bleeb! Oh shut up stupid alarm, I know it is Monday morning again. Great, another week of 9 till 5, doing pointless work that has zero effect on my life. Did the weekend even started? How did I end up here and why do I keep living like this? I used to have dreams once, I used to seek for adventure but somehow I must have lost track. I need to be on the move again, things have to change!

Every life is a journey. You are born, you learn to stand on your feet and step by step you start to walk your own path. The world is your playground and it is yours to explore. You have no map of the roads and you do not need one because you just walk the paths you like. And then you start to grow up! I believe that every personality is the sum of all that happened in the life of a person and the genes he/she is born with. Our history is responsible for all the choices we make in life and our choices are responsible for the course of our future.

Every day, people have to make choices and it is not one choice but hundreds.  Because of this, it is not weird if you lose track of life after a while. It is harder and harder to find your road through the forest of decisions and before you know you are lost and feeling stuck in a place where you do not want to be. You do not know where to go anymore so you stop walking and you slowly get used to your surroundings. You settle down and you start to adapt to your surroundings instead of the other way around. At a certain point you forget where you were actually going to. You start to forget what the rest of the world looks like and eventually, all possible roads around you are fading and you do not see a way out. You have forgotten about dreams you were once chasing, while the world was still your playground.


In modern day society it is not unlikely that such a thing happened to you as well. Maybe you dreamed of different things while you were younger but ended up in a whole other place. You are living a life you do not particularly like but it just happens to be your life. Or maybe you did not forget about your dreams but you just do not see a way how to get there and you feel stuck. Well, your life never ‘happens to be’ and you are never stuck because every single moment you are standing on a crossroad. A crossroad of choices with an infinite number of possible roads you can walk.

If you do not think that life is fulfilling anymore then just start walking. It does not matter in which direction but anything is better than being stuck in a place you do not like. Leave, do not look behind and let a new road reveal itself to you. If you do have any goals but you do not know exactly how to get there, start walking as well. Do not let fear for the unknown hold you back. I mean, I do not know the exact way to Rome but I do know the direction and about the fact that there is a road. Even more than one, like people always say. I am sure that if I start walking I will find my way. Maybe I get lost sometimes but if I keep walking and keep trying, I will get in Rome. If I do not start, I will never get there, that is for sure.

Path of Life

Do not be scared of the world, it is a friendly place. It is here to work with us and not against. How else would we have survived for thousands and thousands of years. All those roads on your everlasting crossroad may lead to better places. Places that are inspiring, places that make you happy and places that make you feel alive. So what is holding you back to start the first day of your new life? Turn off the television, leave that spot on the couch where you spend way too much time and hit the road again. You will see you will like it! It is your right to choose the course of your future so take that freedom. And if you start to walk and take a wrong turn by accident, just take another one because remember, you are always on a crossroad.

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