Mexican Kick Off

At the moment I am writing this, I am in the Mexican town Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coast. I thought, if I start a new way of living with my On My Way To Freedomland project, I better do it good. And life is good here! The beaches are white, the water is blue and together with green and yellow palm trees and the sun, you get into the Caribbean mood in no time.

Collage Mexico

Although the town is mainly focused on tourism, the atmosphere is very relaxed and there are a lot of great places where you can eat and taste Mexico. The people are friendly, do not bother you too much and prices are reasonable. I have got a great apartment just 30 seconds away from the beach that comes with a roof terrace, a hammock and decent internet. I have a kitchen with not many tools but enough to bake an egg, make a coffee and blend a nice fresh fruit juice.

So, life is not too hard here and it is an excellent place to start working on my project and see how it is to work and live in a different country. Not being dependent on a set location to work from, creates a high feeling of freedom.

The Spin-Off ProjectThe best part of being here is that my best friend Mirha Masala lives next door. She has already been here for a couple of months to work on her projects and to simply enjoy life. One of her projects is called The Spin-Off Project. It is about concentrating on one subject at a time for every month for one year. This month is her ‘Help Someone’ spin-off month and the convenient odds are that I can use some help with starting my own project.

Starting a new project is a lot of work and a big learning process. You have to think about your concept, what you want to do, what message you want to send. What your goals are and how you think to achieve them. Then you have to give your concept a “face” with visual tools. You need to create a website and set up all the social media to promote yourself. Nowadays there are a lot of helpful and cheap ways to get yourself and your ideas out there with the potential to reach lots of people. Think of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Tulum Beach

This is what a day of ‘work’ looks like: I wake up around 07.30 and make myself a cup of coffee and eat some fruit with yoghurt. Then I check my messages, respond to them and put on my swim short. I walk the 30 seconds to the beach and dive in the crystal clear Caribbean water and swim for about an hour. I go back, make myself some breakfast and another coffee and start to work. It is all about writing, designing, editing my pictures, brainstorming with Mirha and then all of a sudden it is time for lunch.

We go into the city and have some great Mexican food, like a fresh fish with lime or tacos. After our bellies are full, it is time to work again but working for yourself is actually a lot of fun. It is nice to be creative and to be working on something you actually love to do.  In fact, it does not feel like working at all. It feels like whole your existence opens up and it gives you so much in return. In the evening we go out for dinner and we can do that every night because the food is so cheap. Sometimes we slurp on a couple of frozen margaritas after and that is just about it.

Starting my project in Playa del Carmen is the best thing ever and I am so happy that I choose to do it this way.  I know it is just the beginning and there is a lot to learn, a lot to change and a lot to do but just by doing all this…I already feel so much more free.

Tulum Beach

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