Photo Essay: The Bright Side Of Dublin

“Wait a minute, is this Dublin? Really? But it is not grey, rainy and depressing at all!” This was the first thought I had when I arrived in Dublin. Many big cities have something very characteristic and are known for something special. An icon or an atmosphere for example. Like when I draw the Eiffel Tower you would instantly think of Paris or when I say casino you would say Vegas. I always thought for Dublin it was miserable weather, grey charmless buildings and people walking with their head down. If someone would have showed me this picture I would have said Dublin, no doubt!

Drinking In Ireland

So is was quite a shock for me that everything I saw, was totally the opposite. For a minute it was almost disappointing. Almost! The sun was shining, people were outside having fun and everyone looked happy. The parks were filled, I heard music in the air and many buildings were actually quite nice. I considered a different dimension for a while but later on people told me I was just lucky. I got to see a rare bit of Irish sunshine. Realizing how special and precious this was, I took my camera and photographed the city. So for all of you who wonder what Dublin looks like in the sun, this is the bright side of Dublin.

St. Stephen's Green

Grafton Street

Stephen's Green Shopping Center

Trinity College

Statue On College Green

Aston Quay

River Liffey

Temple Bar

Dublin's Castle

Oscar Wilde Memorial

O Connel Street

Custom House

Marlborough Square

City Quay

Campshire Walk

Samuel Beckett Bridge

This one is not in Dublin but in Bray, a town at the beach 30 minutes away from Dublin by train.


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