Photographic Tour Through Delft (My Hometown)

In 1246, Delft officially became a city in the Netherlands. 735 years later, I was born here and I have called this place my home ever since. It is a place with quite some historical value. The first king of Holland was killed here and you can still see the bullet holes in his old residence. This is also the reason why every official member of the royal family is still placed in a tomb beneath the church on the market square

Delft used to be surrounded by city walls but they are gone now.  However, there are still a lot of old buildings preserved, giving the city its historical atmosphere. Like in Amsterdam, there are the typical Dutch canals too but it is much smaller and less crowded. Delft is also very famous for their blue porcelain.

On my travels I always take a lot of pictures of the places I visit but I actually never took the trouble to photograph my own hometown. When I recently came back from Mexico I walked through Delft again and for a moment I was able to see it as a tourist. I liked it and I thought it was nice and fun to take the time to photograph Delft for once. I did it and I made this photographic tour through Delft to show you my city.

Nostalgic Delft 1

Market square and old city hall 


Nostalgic Delft 2

Typical Dutch architecture


Nostalgic Delft 3

One of the canals and the ‘New Church’ in the distance 


Nostalgic Delft 4

Typical houses along the canal


Nostalgic Delft 5

One of the many bridges


Nostalgic Delft 6

The ‘Old Church’


Nostalgic Delft 7

Just a corner


Nostalgic Delft 8

The Princes’ Court (where the first king is killed)


 Nostalgic Delft 9

The Eastern Gate (last gate from the old city walls)


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