Project Cooking With Wild Ingredients: Rose Hips

In autumn, they form a beautiful contrast with their deep orange color next to the green/yellow leaves of the rose. It is another present the rose is giving us after its beautiful flowers and in this case, a tasty one. Rose hips, what is not to love about them. The rose hip and I already go a long way. When I was a kid I used drink the syrup made out of it. It was what every kid drank at that age. The reason why our mothers gave this to us is because it is super healthy and nice in flavour. But the fact that we are growing up is not a reason not to eat or drink them anymore.


Rose hips contain a lot of vitamine C, way more than citrus fruit for example. They are anti-inflammatory, good for your joints, good for your bloodpressure and they help your digestion system. They are a boost for your immune system so a perfect ingredient that helps to keep you healhy through the cold autumn and winter.

Rose hips are very common around the world (except for Australia) and they are easy to find as well as in urban as in rural areas. You can make for example jam, syrup and tea out of it. Picking rose hips yourself is free so all the reason to go out and collect them yourself. Now when you pick them, be aware of the spikes the rose has. You might not want to wear your best clothes.

I picked about a kilo of rose hips myself lately and decided to make jam out of it. There are many different ways how to do it but here is how I did it.

rosehip collecting

Rose Hip Jam 

Ingredients for a large jar of jam

  • 500g rose hips (seeds removed)
  • juice of half a lemon
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • half of a crushed clove
  • 250g jelly sugar

Making rosehip jam

Put the rosehips in a pan with an amount of water so that everything is just covered. Now boil them for about 30 minutes so that they are soft. When that is done, put everything in a sieve and catch the liquid in a bowl. Start pushing the rose hips through the sieve so only the skins stay behind. Add the lemon juice, the cinnamon and the clove and put it in a pan again. Stir everything and let it boil for another 5 minutes. Make sure you have a very clean jar ready and poor everything in the jar. Put the jar for 5 minutes upside down and you are done!

You can also dicide to leave the seeds inside the rose hips when you boil them but that is up to you.

Rosehip Jam

If you know some other rose hip recipes, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Project ‘Cooking With Wild Ingredients’ is a part of On My Way To Freedomland as an inspiration to bring us closer to earth again. In order to grow, we first need strong roots. Many aspects of modern society are clouding our relationship with nature and are cutting us from the connection with earth. Without our roots we are floating, lost and stuck with a feeling that we are not in charge of our own lives. It leaves us insecure because we are afraid to fall. But knowing that there is always an earth to rely on can take these fears away and can make you feel safe and confident again. No matter what choice in life you make, there is always an earth to fall back to. Earth is always providing and is just like for plants, it is also the soil for your roots.

Once you feel this relationship again, you will realize that most of your fears are actally based on nothing and you will find more strength to create the life you want. Finding and making your own food, directly from nature can help to restore your relationship with the earth and besides that, food always tastes better if you have picked the ingredients yourself! It is super organic!  

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