The 7-Day Menu: Introduction

When I am traveling and people ask me what I miss the most from home, I always answer cooking. I just love it! When I was younger I never really cared for food. The Dutch kitchen is quite boring and plain boiled potatoes, one kind of vegetable and a piece meat was often on the menu. I remember that we had one nice-food-day in the week and it was on Wednesday. When I reached a certain age I did not agree anymore. Why one day of nice food and why not all the days? I mean, my life depends on food and I have to eat my whole life, so better make it good. From that moment I started cooking for my family and I developed my passion. Over the years I got more familiar with all kinds of products and recipes and I keep learning and discovering new things. Traveling is great for this too because getting in touch with new kitchens gives me a lot of inspiration.

Me Cooking in New Zealand

At the moment I live alone but I cook for myself every day. Quite some friends I have say that they rather get some food delivered or get some take away but that is not for me. Cooking is like meditation for me. I am busy with wonderful ingredients, I can be creative and in the end I have made something nice what I can eat. Those moments are completely mine and I enjoy it a lot. When I cook I feel free and when I make a dish I learned in another country, it takes me back to that country again and all the nice memories.

One other benefit of cooking for yourself is the fact that it is usually much healthier. You decide what kind of ingredients you use so you can leave the bad stuff out. I like to cook with natural products and if I can, I choose organic. I try to avoid all the powder or premade sauces and prefer honest products and fresh herbs. It is important to take care of yourself so I always try to create a balanced week menu. I am no food expert at all but I think that a little bit of everything goes a long way. So some days I eat vegetarian, sometimes fish or meat and I also leave the carbs out some days.

What is for Dinner

To give you an impression about what I like to cook and my vision of a balanced menu, I will start a small project. I will make a menu for seven days containing mostly my own recipes and I will share them with you. I shall make pictures of my dishes, I will write down the ingredients and how to prepare them. I am not a big fan of very complicated dishes with a lot of ingredients so I will keep it simple. Everything will be very easy and quick to prepare and in my opinion tasty. I hope you will like it too.

When you decide to cook one of the recipes, tell me how it turned out and if you liked it!

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