The Power of The Mind

“Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” ― J.K. Rowling

The mind is a very powerful tool. It makes us who were are but ironcly, we are often not in charge of it. We rarely seem to know how our own brain really works and what the possibilities are. Because I am making some changes in my life, I am getting more confronted with my own mind lately. I am quite fascinated about what happens with my mind and what I can actually do with it. In ‘the battle with my old life’ you can read how old habits try to trick me and want to keep me from making changes. They want to keep existing but luckily for me, my dreams are stonger.

I am also astonished by how simple it actually is to change things, just by thinking different. Just start to concentrate on the things you want to exist in your life and they will start existing. Perhaps slowly because of the battle with old habits but if your mind and wishes are strong enough and you will give your new ideas the room to grow, they will grow. Of course I am not saying you can create a pie just by thinking of it but start by thinking that you are going to make a pie, then make one and there is your pie.

Creating-a-PieOr Can I?

We have such power with our mind. If you want positive things in your life, concentrate on positive things. If you want to be a kitesurf instructor and your body allows you, start learning and become one. If you want to change your life, think about what you want to change and just do it. It is that simple! There is no reason to be afraid and the universe will shape its way around it. It is important to be aware of the power of our minds and the freedom that comes with it. To illustrate how our mind works and in what manner we are free to choose how to interpret things or even make things exist, I will give two examples.

Celebrate or mourn at a funeral?

An event can happen but eventually you are in charge how you interpret it. Is it a happy moment for you? Or a sad? Let’s take a light and easy subject for example, death. In many cultures we are used to mourn about a person we lost. Most western funeral traditions are sad, serious and somber. Sad music is played, a couple of people say something and that is it. It is a time of grief because the person will be missed and people see death as a very bad thing. This is one interpretation and one way to deal with it.

In other countries you will see a whole other kind of funeral. Take the Ewe culture in Ghana for example. They too mourn about their death but they celebrate the life they had as well. It involves days of dancing, singing and loud music and it is a whole other interpretation and way of dealing with death. The fact that someone died is the same in both cases but the people themselves can choose how to see and how to think of it. You can shape the course of an event.


                                              Ewe funeral

You can even take it one step further. In some cultures the death of a person is next to a time of mourning also a time of joy and celebration because people believe this person is going to a better place. Heaven or nirvana for example. We still do not know what happens after you die and maybe it is true and maybe there are reasons to celebrate but in the end it does not matter. If people really believe this is true and if this believe exists a lifetime in their mind, it is true for them. Just as true as you can see trees, mountains and rivers.

Sure, you cannot physically touch this idea of death but do not forget that your senses are only a tool to get an idea or image in your mind. So the fact if the existence of heaven can be proven or not is not relevant because in a way it does exist. It is reality for a lot of people and they build their live around it. So in the end, everything exists in your head and you are the creator of your own truth.

You can use this in many ways. If you see the world as a place where you have to work from 9 till 5 in an office till you are 65 and you actually hate this, think again. Is the world a place where I have to work form 9 till 5 or does this image only exists in my head. You will probably come to the conclusion that it is the last one. There are many more option to live your life. The world is your playground.

The Yeti and the snow leopard

Snow Leopard and Yeti

Let’s take another example, the Yeti and the snow leopard. The snow leopard is a rarely seen creature that lives in the mountains of the Himalayas. It is very unlikely that you will ever encounter one in your life but it is filmed so there is proof of its existence. I can choose to go to the Himalayas, stand in front of it and think: “Is it not amazing that this creature is walking here somewhere”. I will never see it in real life but I saw it in a documentary so it is reality in my mind.

The Yeti is a creature we have no actual prove of its existence other than the stories of people who had claimed to see one. Science considers it as a myth but local inhabitants truly believe in its existence. Story telling is a way of sharing knowledge for thousands and thousands of years so why would I not be tempted to believe it. I do not say I do believe it but let’s pretend I do. Stories tell that the Yeti is also seen in the Himalayas so just as with the snow leopard I can go to the mountains, stand in front of them and think: “Is it not amazing that this creature is walking here somewhere”.

Is it not amazing

Now, what is the actual difference eventually? I probably will not see a snow leopard nor a Yeti but they do exist in my head. I have a picture of both creatures walking in the mountains. One by film and one by storytelling and they are both real for me. The point I am trying to make is that you can decide what exists and what not. It is a big advantage humans have. We are creators with our minds and of course the signs are obvious. Paintings, statues, buildings, technology, they are all manifestations of the mind. It is perhaps even more abundant in the non physical world. That is the reason we are all different, individually and culturally.

Use your mind for the best

Now realizing we have this power I suggest we use it for the best. It means that you are fully in charge of your own life and you can create its course however you want it to be. You are truly free in what you choose to exist and what not. If you do not want something in your life anymore, ban it. Do not pay attention to it anymore and it will stop being a part of your life. Perhaps it takes a while before it has disappeared but eventually it will. Of course it also works the other way around. If you want something new, if you want to change things, just give it room to exist. Pay attention and make it real. Make it a part of your life. Use the freedom u have to create. Eventually, it is all in your head.

Nothing Is What It Is

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