Things I Should Not Forget

In my house, I always have a notebook close by to write down my thoughts. It is not a diary but I just write down all kind of things. Like recipes, quotes from others, quotes from myself, dreams, little stories, just things I do not want to forget. From time to time I read these notebooks and recently I stumbled on a list I once wrote with things I should not forget to apply in my life. I wrote this a while ago so obviously I was not consciously following the list anymore. Now that I found it, I want to start using it again and share it with you. It are small tweaks in your life but together they rise your level of consciousness. It will lead to more happiness and joy in life!

  • Summer FeelingsWake up with positive thoughts
  • Let happiness and joy flow through your body and mind
  • Do everything with pleasure
  • Love yourself
  • Love your body
  • Take good care of your body
  • Taste everything you eat and drink consciously
  • Stand still and enjoy small things
  • Enjoy your senses
  • Take time for yourself


  • Summer DreamsUse your body
  • Use your mind
  • Give your mind rest by meditating
  • Create things
  • Pay attention to your close ones
  • Do fun things with close ones
  • Be loving to others and have respect
  • Concentrate on positive things of others instead of negative
  • Make your home a nice place
  • Be open to new things


  • DreamsKeep developing yourself
  • Learn, read
  • Always send out love
  • Create calmness, peace and satisfaction in body and mind
  • Be conscious of your own space and your environment
  • Satisfy your needs and grant it yourself
  • Give yourself fun goals and projects for the future
  • Spoil yourself from time to time
  • Do things impulsive


  • Yeha NohaLaugh and make fun
  • Travel and explore
  • Don’t be afraid of what people might think of you
  • Express yourself
  • Help others
  • See the earth as a wonderful place
  • Listen to birds
  • Feel the sun
  • Taste wine
  • Smell flowers
  • Love


Now, I can imagine you have a couple of points as well. Feel free to leave them in the comment section!

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