Why it is Important to Set and Reach Goals

If I have learned one thing since the moment chose to live a happy, free and fulfilling life, it is that I have to set myself clear and realistic goals. When I do not set myself any goals, nothing happens and I get stuck in a destructive routine. Why? Because I do not know where to focus on and perhaps doing nothing is simply easier than doing something. Without goals I get lazy, very lazy and before I know it I end up in a very negative and unhealthy flow.

Instead of working on improving my life and skills and doing things I truly like, I am wasting my time with pointless things. I get distracted by the internet, series, movies etc.  and I am actually lying to myself by telling myself that I need that time to relax and that it is ok. But the truth is, it is not ok. It would be ok if watching a movie is a goal but not when it is an excuse.

I literally lose myself in those situations because I do not take charge of my life anymore and I think that is extremely bad and unhealthy.  It is draining energy and making me feel unhappy, useless, guilty, dispassionate and stuck. Not the words I am looking for when I am choosing a happy, free and fulfilling life.

Reach Your Goal

Luckily, I have learned and I know better now. I need to set myself goals because it is the only way to achieve something and to create the life I want. It is the only way to move forward and make myself proud. If I have achieved one goal, no matter how small it is, I get a great feeling of satisfaction. It makes me feel good and therefore it creates a lot of positive energy and happiness.

It great to finish something and to know when move on to something else. It keeps me from dwelling too long on one thing what can drain energy.

Besides that, setting goals is helping me to improve myself and my life. It is giving me a reason to work on things and when I have achieved something, I have most likely improved my skills. But most importantly, I need to set myself goals in order to make my dreams reality.

Following my dreams is about working towards them and without clear goals I will never reach my dreams. Without setting and achieving goals that will get me closer, they will always be dreamy images, far in the distance surrounded by pink clouds. And that is not what I want. Do you?


So when you want to find happiness and fulfillment in your life, it is important to get used to set yourself clear and realistic goals. You want it to be a part of your life, to be something natural just like eating or brushing your teeth. At least, this works for me but why do you not give it a try. Maybe it works for you too. First you need to be very conscious about the goals you want to achieve. Start with small goals and write a list before you go to sleep about the things you would like to achieve the next day.

It can be things which are already part of your routine or some new goals, it does not matter, just write them down. When you wake up the next morning, you start doing all the things on your list. No excuses, you want to make yourself proud and feel good. Every time you have achieved a thing on your list, mark it as finished.

At the end of the day when you have done everything on the list, give yourself a moment. Say well done to yourself and feel fulfilled, happy and in charge of your life. Write a new list before you go to sleep and do the same thing the next day. Do this for a month and you will see that your life will be much better, more sparkling and more inspiring. You will feel much happier, confident, energetic and fulfilled.

Besides your daily list you can also make a list with bigger goals for the long term. Like living a healthier life for example. Split it into smaller goals like jogging two times a week, preparing healthy meals etc. and start doing it step by step. You need those bigger goals as a focus for improving your life.

Have fun and tell me how it is working out for you!

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